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History is definitely part of our past. Our family was among the first families to settle the area known as Jackson Hole. We are the fifth generation to be able to live in this gorgeous country. Our grandfather was one of the first pioneers to bring a covered wagon over Teton Pass. The road from Idaho to Wyoming was finally open for wagon travel. Life was good in Jackson Hole in those days and it still is. The town of Wilson, in the Jackson Hole valley was named after a great great uncle. History has been bred into our family. Coming from pioneer stock has made us understand and appreciate this area. We love living in this beautiful country and have enjoyed raising our kids and now grandchildren in this beautiful area.

We are here to help you enjoy your stay with us. We know the area and are looking forward to helping make this a vacation you will always remember.

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Horseback Trail Rides

Experience Jackson Hole the cowboy way with a scenic horseback ride through some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Horses available for all levels, from a gentle giant for the inexperienced rider, to a high-spirited mount for those ready to get up and go!

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